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Financial Matters

How we deal with money

Share split

For simplicity, we set up 100 shares:
  • Aldo – 44 shares, director
  • Horia – 44 shares, director
  • Gareth - 4 shares, director
  • Ziaan - 4 shares
  • Liezle – 4 shares

Principles with Financial Impact

Keep in the Black

The Novavi intention is to get into the black as quickly as possible, and stay so indefinitely.
Being in the black means that Novavi keeps a float covering all expenses for a rolling year in advance (taxes, infrastructure, projected administration costs, etc.) + 10%. This is reviewed every 6-month tax period.

Paired Delivery

Novavi prefers to deliver courses with at least two trainers for each event. While this leads to a lower individual trainer income, it provides:
  • an optimum learning experience for the students.
  • rapid opportunities for improving our course delivery skills, assets, techniques and habits.
  • a more sustainable pace by sharing the load.
In this way, we build and sustain the best learning experience possible. We drink our own champagne in putting customer value first.
For on-line courses, paired delivery is mandatory. For physical classroom delivery, paired delivery is recommended when class sizes are above double the minimum number of students.
For all other services, we prefer paired work wherever possible. This ensures maximum value flow for customers and excellent opportunities for mutual feedback and kaizen for the Novavi people undertaking the work.

The bulk of the net revenue from an engagement goes to the people doing the work

  • The percentage split between the workers and Novavi will be reviewed quarterly - adjusted based on volume and costs, so as to comply with the overall principle, Keep in the Black ;
  • Workers are responsible for their own travel & expenses , unless already covered by clients.

Novavi sets aside a percentage of the overall profit for distribution among the workers

  • To be determined quarterly – see the overall principle, Keep in the Black ;
  • Workers that have contributed effort in the quarter will send an invoice for their relevant share . People get paid a fraction of the profit proportional to the contribution of their work that quarter.

Payment Approaches


Workers other than shareholders get paid on an invoice basis. The worker submits an invoice to Novavi. Payment of the worker invoice happens within a day of Novavi being paid by the customer.


For taxation simplicity, shareholders will be paid through shareholder salary.

The Company

The rest of the revenue goes to Novavi for marketing efforts, product development and administrative work such as:
  • Licensing and Agreements
    • PMI /DA .
    • Process Mentors.
    • Lean Agile Intelligence.
    • Lean it 101.
    • Other partnerships, as needed.
  • Bookkeeping, GST administration & accountancy
  • Office administration
  • Technical Infrastructure
    • G-Suite
    • Websites
      • Domain names
      • Website/blog fees -
      • Image royalties, if/as required
    • Online training facilities/infrastructure
      • Zoom
      • Miro
  • Product development tools
    • Vector graphics editing - Adobe Illustrator CC
    • Mindmeister mind-mapping
    • Office 365 - as new workers join in
    • Any other tools and infrastructure that may become necessary over time like a Moodle portal, Lastpass password management, full Adobe CC suite, etc.
  • Book creation and marketing
    • Editing services
    • Design services
    • Audiobook recording services
    • Book printing services
    • Advertising
  • Specific offering-related spin-off setup
    • Website domain
    • for presence
    • G-suite for e-mails



On-line DA courses are delivered in partnership with Process Mentors. Face-to-face DA courses in New Zealand are marketed in partnership with Equinox.

Pricing for Courses

  • Starting at the usual market rate in the region
  • Reviewed every 3 months
  • For in-house training, offer various volume discounts.
  • For open training, offer a simpler volume discount for bookings above 5 people.
  • Pricing model subject to quarterly adjustment.
  • Pre-paid course purchases accepted (to cater for customer expenditures before financial year-end).

Range of course participants

For physical classroom delivery, minimums:
  • 5 in Wellington and Auckland
  • 7 rest of NZ
  • 8 Australia
  • 12 Singapore
  • 24 (3 squads of 8)
For online delivery, minimum 5, maximum 24. Above 24, we may vary the maximum up to 30, with three trainers.

Course Administration

  • Cliftons as the preferred venue provider in the region when not delivering through Equinox.
  • Slides supplied by certification authorities or other relevant sources
  • Tailoring possible, charged as +1/+2 day(s) to the course duration depending on complexity.

Coaching & Mentoring Services

  • Revenue reimbursement same as for courses - see Simplicity
  • Pre-qualify customers and match to coaches
  • Better to have fewer but better coaching clients
  • The usual worker/Novavi split for such engagements is 90%/10%.

Daily rates

  • Company invoice rate will be the usual market rate in the region.
  • Reviewed every 3 months.

Micro-Coaching and Facilitation services

  • Annual rate at market rate in the region.
  • Retainers accepted.
  • Reviewed every 3 months.