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Partnerships and Associations

Who do we partner with, and for what purpose

Commercial Partnerships

Commercial partnerships are relationships between Novavi and other companies focused on sales, marketing and co-delivery efforts.
For leadership education, mentoring and coaching.
For scaling excellence across organisations.
For Disciplined Agile-related education and coaching, including value stream consulting.

Chartering process for all other partnerships

  • Agree values and principles
  • Have a legally binding agreement signed

Delivery associations

All associates delivering value through Novavi are in a delivery association relationship with Novavi. Associates may execute this as sole traders (provided they hold liability insurance) or through any other legal entity.
Novavi may also partner with other organisations and serve as a sub-contractor to deliver work.

Marketing associations

Novavi can establish marketing relationships with other entities, such as the PMI NZ chapter, the various Australian PMI chapters, etc.